Monday, May 23, 2011

Setting the Mood for A Spy Party: Picture Books

Planning a spy themed party?  Try a few picture books to set the mood and get your creative juices flowing. These are our current favorites.  Please add yours to the list!

006 and a Half by Nick Sharratt and Kes Gray has enough spunk and creativity to make it a must-read- again kind of story, especially if your kids like to dress up as spies.  The kid appeal starts with the title, as the special half year is acknowledged!  Daisy is lost in her imaginary spy world, and when she tries to bring the rest of the world in, her story fizzles as the world just doesn't get her code words.  Mom to the rescue!  Everything turns out just fine, and leaves you cheering for Mom and Daisy both.  Long live creativity!

Andy Rash's Agent A to Agent Z was a big surprise of fun. I was sure we were too old for an alphabet book but I couldn't find many picture book selections on the spy theme.  It turned out that this was such a fun read aloud that even the 9 year old hung out to listen.  The simple and fun illustrations made an easily comprehendable list of things that agents do.  A simple way to bring everyone up to speed!

Spy School, by Adrian Gilbert is eye candy for a spy enthusiast. Bold graphics, scrap book style interspersion of text and photos, and and succinct stories make this a quick and fun read for a young spy!

What can you say about the DK Eyewitness books that hasn't been said already?  Like others in the series, this spy volume has great details interspersed with awesome photos and other graphics.  Leaf through it here and there for info on everything from history of spying to modern techniques.  The illustrations catch your eye, and the text keeps you there. Everyone can find something interesting!

For a little practice sleuthing, don't forget 3rd grade chapter books like A-Z mysteries (Ron Roy) and Capital mysteries (Ron Roy)...there's inspiration for a party caper in there somewhere!



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