Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

The boys were busy this morning delivering flowers and gourds to the neighbors... Now they are busy peeking out the windows to see if anyone has discovered them!

We made classic tissue paper flowers (cut a standard sized tissue paper rectangle into two the long way, fold it in half, fold each half into accordian style pleats, wrap a wire around the center of the folded paper, spread out the tissues, wrap wire onto wood skewer stem).  We ran out of time for leaves!

We added cardboard tube sunflowers, one for each basket (  Of course, the professional ones look much nicer than ours... but ours are still colorful.  You take one 4" section of paper tube and cut fringe toward the center on both ends, leaving about 1/2 inch in the center. I painted mine white before the kids decorated them so all the colors would adhere well.  Poke a hole in the center of the painted flower with sharp object (Swiss army knife awl), then poke a painted bamboo skewer through for the stem.  Crumple a small square of tissue paper inside for the flower's center.

We put three tissue flowers and one paper tube flower in each paper cone "basket."  The kids wrote "Happy May Day" on the handles.  They hung one basket on each neighbor's door.


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