Friday, May 6, 2011

Fast & Easy Chili Shaped Party Favors for Cinco de Mayo

Looking for a last minute party favor to add some fun to your fiesta? These chilis are colorful, easy, and fast... I made two while my enchiladas were baking!  Their small size and simplicity made them more practical than a pinata for our family's celebration.  Of course, the boys loved them! 
masking tape
paper cardboard tube
green tissue paper
red crepe paper (used for paper streamers)

Cut a paper towel tube in two.  Make slits from one end towards the other, leaving an inch or two uncut.  Collapse the slits into a curvy cone shape, using masking tape to hold the shape in place.
Put a little glue around the outside of the chili and wrap it in red crepe paper (streamer paper).  Let dry!
Find some prizes to put inside.  These cute fruits were on clearance at Target...  The tubes don't hold much, so a bag of Skittles would be plenty!
Take a quarter of a sheet of green tissue paper and fold it.  Wrap LOOSELY around chili as shown, securing the end with a rubber band.  Fill your chili with the surprises.  Then fold the green tissue back up over the rubber band, working the layers separately to avoid tears.  Twist the folded tissue into a stem shape. 

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


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