Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bunny Wind Spinner (A Recycled Milk Jug Craft)

This didn't turn out as neat as I thought, but it is still festive and has the appeal of being made from recycled products... perfect for an Earth Day Easter!  It has mega kid potential. Mine loved to help staple, color, and thread.  I'm thinking that the Easter Bunny might just want to hide something in those eggs... I'll have to leave him a note not to put anything that might melt though.  The forecast is for 88 degrees!  Yikes!

You'll find the bunny templates below. 

To make this spinner,
1) Copy 2 or 3 bunnies onto a white plastic milk jug. You will need 8 bunnies for the project shown.  Bend the patterns around the corners of the jug to give the bunnies 3D shape.
2) Use colored Sharpies to add facial features to the bunnies.
3) Staple four of the standing bunnies together by paws (hands AND feet).
4) Use a sharp pointed object (like the awl of a pocket knife) to put holes in 4 plastic eggs for the string to go through, or enlarge the holes already there.
5) Tie a length of string (about 20") to each point where the bunnies are "holding hands."
6) Thread an egg onto each of the strings, tying a knot at the height where you want the egg to hang.  Close each egg around the knot when threaded.
7)  Staple the next four bunnies directly onto the strings by sandwiching a string between two neighboring bunnies' feet (this was a Mom job).  I alternated the two sitting bunny types so the same types were across from each other.  I stapled the hands of the "hands down" bunnies onto the string whereas the "hands up" bunny hands were free.
8)  Gather the four loose strings together and tie in a knot.
9)  Loop a last length of string under the knot and tie securely.  Make a loop at the other end to hang your new wind spinner at the desired height.
10) Have a great Easter!

Free Bunny Rabbit Templates

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