Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hopping Easter Bunny Craft

Hop into Spring with some jumping bunnies!  I couldn't decide on a color, so hey, why not three? These joyful fellows will spread cheer whereever they "hang out."


poster board or heavy cardstock (for base)
colored paper (for decoration)
embroidery floss (or string)
hole punch, scissors, glue (rubber cement & tacky glue)
brass brads
black pen for details
brown thread and needle (for whiskers)
white paint, sharpie, & q-tip (for eyes)

Cut out the template, glue the colored paper on top of the poster board pieces, and punch holes where indicated. Assemble by pushing brads through lower holes on arms and legs.

With the bunny in arms/legs down position (standing), tie string/floss through top holes of appendages, connecting arms to arms and legs to legs (loose tie is ok). Use a longer piece of string/floss to tie arm string to leg string, and leave a length at bottom for pulling.  Add a loop to the top of the head for hanging.

To add whiskers, put two lengths of stiff thread (>4.5") through a large eyed needle.  Poke the needle through the back of the head and tie a knot. Cut the needle loose from the other side.  Add a drop of tacky glue to the knot on the back so the whiskers won't slide out.

If your bunny's legs/arms get stuck when pulling, try loosening the brads a bit.

Dot the end of a Q-tip in white paint then on bunny's head to make eyes.  After paint dries, use a Sharpie to make the pupil.  Finally, use a thin black pen to add details like mouth, claws, and eye lashes.

Have fun!

Hopping Easter Bunny Template


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