Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some THINGS to Help Celebrate Dr. Seuss!

Dear Dr. Seuss:

Happy Birthday with TWO
Things drawn red and BLUE
Your books have inspired us
We're grateful for YOU!

March 2nd, Dr. Seuss' Birthday!
Read Across America!!


poster board or heavy cardstock for base
red, turquoise, and white paper
string (or embroidery floss)
hole punch, scissors, glue (rubber cement)
brass brads (or smaller craft brads, in red?)
black pen for details

Cut out the template, punch holes, and glue the colored pieces on top of poster board pieces.  Assemble by pushing brads through lower holes on arms and legs. With the Thing in arms/legs down position (standing), tie string/floss through top holes of appendages, connecting arms to arms and legs to legs (loose tie is ok). Use a longer piece of string/floss to tie arm string to leg string, and leave a length at bottom for pulling.

Punch a hole in top of Thing's hair to insert loop for hanging. Tie a golden ring (old pirate treasure?) if you like, to the bottom string for easy pulling. 

If your Thing's legs/arms get stuck when pulling, try loosening the brads a bit.

Have fun!

Things Dr. Seuss Pattern


  1. Love this!!!!
    I am a huge Seuss fan. I decorated my living room in "seuss" flavor this year. It made me smile everytime I looked in to the room.
    If you have a chance stop by my blog sometime, I have pics up of my "seuss decorations".
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for letting me know about this awesome craft. I added it to my Dr. Seuss Link Collection which is featured on my post for Dr. Seuss' birthday today. It will also be the permanent link collection on my page tab here:

  3. So cute! We are for sure making these today. Thank you thank you for sharing.

  4. I cannot seem to open the pattern either and would love to do it with my class(I teach special ed.) and my daughter's daycare group. :) If you can email it that would be wonderful. Or if you have tips on opening it... You have such cute stuff!

    1. I'm so sorry for your trouble... I'll send it right away. Are there other ways than Scribd to post pdfs to a blog? I'm honored that you can use them!

  5. I cannot open it either. Could you please send it to my email?



    1. I would be happy to... but when you leave a comment as Anonymous, I don't see your email address. Try this link?

      There will be a button in orange to download or print. Meanwhile, I'll go check the html on this post right now.