Friday, February 18, 2011


This jolly, leaping leprechaun is sure to bring joy whereever he "hangs."  Based on a classic pull toy, hang the leprechaun up (or hold top string in hand) and pull down on the lower string to see him leap.  Jumping jacks!


poster board or heavy cardstock for base
green, black, orange, and skin tone paper for decoration
string (golden embroidery floss would be even better!)
hole punch, scissors, glue (rubber cement)
                                              brass brads
                                              white paint (or paper), sharpie for eyes (q-tip to dot paint)
                                              pink marker for mouth
                                              gold paint (or glitter, 3d fabric paint, paint pen) for details

Cut out the template, punch holes, and glue the colored pieces on top of poster board pieces.  Place the belt over the leg holes so brass brads look like part of belt.  Assemble by pushing brads through lower holes on arms and legs.  With the leprechan in arms/legs down position, tie string/floss through top holes of appendages, connecting arms to arms and legs to legs.  Use a longer piece of string/floss to tie arm string to leg string.

Punch a hole in top of leprechaun's hat to insert loop for hanging.  Tie a golden ring (old pirate treasure?) if you like, to the bottom string for easy pulling.

If your leprechaun's legs/arms get stuck when pulling, try loosening the brads a bit.

Have fun!

Leprechaun Template


  1. this is so cute! thanks for sharing. Love your blog..I've signed to follow!

  2. This is too cute! My daughter made a similar Santa one in kindergarten at Christmastime. She would love this too! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I´m an English teacher in Spain and I usually visit your blog .It´s so awesome and It really helps me...Thanks for sharing