Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Knight Party Castle Invitations

There are zillions of castle/knight party invitations online, and though I wanted to make them myself, when I saw this one I really could have caved in... except, they were out of stock! And thus, another homely creation was launched....

I kept the original shape but added opening doors. The cool thing about designing it this way is that the card stands on its own.

Inside was a clip art image from Microsoft Word, with a text box that had party time and location details as well as RSVP information.

On the back of the invitation, a small poem set our party mood and gave hints about our games.

For thank you notes, I included a photo of each child in  knight attire that could fit inside the castle doors.

The poem reads: 

When winter feasts are over
What’s a knight to do?
Rest until the snow melts?
Wait for something new?

Lances, swords and arrows
Are never quite at rest.
A knight must always practice
For future games and quests.

The dragon’s gotten restless,
The falcons need to fly,
So come to (name)’s party
And give your skills a try!

Knight Party Invitation Poem


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