Thursday, January 13, 2011

Star Wars Party Game: AT-AT Attack!

Our Jedi mission:  Destroy the AT- AT's before they get close to the Ewok forest!

I crudely created AT-AT's from my son's lego duplo blocks. I basically built a small box supported by two legs with feet.  Inside the box was a surprise.

The Jedi were each distributed a boulder to fight the AT-AT in true Ewok style. The squishy boulders were attached to a stretchy string that had a loop on the end for a finger so they acted a bit like a yo-yo when gently tossed (from Oriental Trading Co.). 

The Jedi worked in pairs to smash the AT-AT's with their boulders.  Phew, this game was over fast, but probably was one of the kid's favorites. What 4-6 year old doesn't like to smash down a lego tower?

Inside the AT-AT's was .... surprise.... a Chewbacca finger puppet!  :)


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