Saturday, January 29, 2011

Make Your Own Groundhog's Day Window Decorations

Looking for a cute way to decorate windows or a bulletin board for Ground Hog's Day?  I used vinyl cling sheets to cut cloud and sun shapes.  The packages don't contain brown, so I'm still working on Ground hog shapes.  The next fun choice is Pebeo Arti Stick window paint (amazon).  You "paint" with this onto a plastic sheet and allow to dry 24 hours. Then, peel and stick!  My kids and I have had a blast with this, and we still have some that are several years old-- I bring them out seasonally.  Of course, paper ground hogs would be fine as well!  For now, the bright suns and clouds look cute on the windows with the foam ground hogs hanging over the porch in front of them (see ground hog yard ornament post).

Amazon carries the vinyl sheets:

You are welcome to use the template below!

Groundhog's Day Template 0001

For a dear and lovely story to go with this, that all kids can definitely relate to, try Cloudette.


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