Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knight Party: Create This Cool Helmet from a Free Template

I searched the internet for cool and free ideas on how to make our own knight helmets for an upcoming knight birthday party (6-9 years).

My favorite by far is the helmet found at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cool Knights section:

 (If the link doesn't work, try going to the main site, select "learn" from the top menu, then "k-12 teachers", then "art to go," then "elementary school" from the menu, then scroll down a bit to reach tthe "cool knights armor..." and download the "make your own helmet" pdf)

The visor really lifts! (Held by brass fasteners).

The hardest part of the project was setting it up because I had a little trouble with the instructions. Not that YOU will, but just in case, here's what worked for me.  First, the directions mention something about using a copier to make the templates larger.  NOT NEEDED.  The templates should be used as is, I just read it wrong.  Next, I couldn't get the pieces to fit on the size of paper they recommended!  

Here's what worked for me.... I bought a package of white posterboard (28x22) and folded it the long way.  I laid the template pieces on the folds as instructed, so that two sides could be cut out at once.

After I cut the pieces out, I folded them as indicated.  I sprayed them with brass/gold paint.  I saved the punch-outs for confetti for the party table.

 After securing the pieces together with the brass fasteners, you just staple to fit, and whala, one really cool knight helmet!


  1. link doesn't work :(

    1. Thanks for letting me know... I just checked and the document is still there, phew! I'll edit the link but if you still have trouble, email me and I'll send you the pdf directly.

    2. Awesome craft! It came out beautiful! It was a little difficult to figure out until I really looked at it and taped the helmet together. Then it all fit beautifully.
      Thank you!

  2. We're having a knight party on the weekend and I am totally inspired by what you did for your son! I have been trying to find the knight helmet template and perhaps it's been removed for the new school year. I was wondering if it's too much to ask for you to email me a copy of the template. It would be greatly appreciated!!

  3. Ooops - I found it after reading your post more closely! Thanks again for the inspiration and taking the time to document it - it is making planning our party much easier!!

  4. Cheryl~ I am looking for this pdf, but not finding it anywhere on their site. I used it a few year ago for my son's birthday party, but can't find my pdf (Different computer... possibly lost when I changed over).

    If you have a minute, and see this, could you email it to me? My kids want to go to their Christmas Yankee Swap party as "Silent night/Knight and Holy(Holey) night/Knight! :) Party is tomorrow, so I'm feeling a little crunched for time now that I can't find the template.

    Thanks so much!
    penneys 5 at gmail dot com

  5. This pdf is still on their site. Check under "in the classroom", not k-12