Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Witches Felt Finger Puppets

Not so scary witches for little sweeties!   Trace (template) and cut out pieces below and sparingly glue to hold for sewing.  I used sparkle black felt for glamour!  Her hair is a 1" or so piece of fringe/trim, with bangs cut out. Also, I added an extra layer for her skirt with purple sparkle dots on black mesh (tiny fabric piece). Fabric paint works great for eyes and details!  I used purple sparkly paint for buttons and hat trim.  Hands can be sewn on to make sure they stay, or if you are making a bunch of these, a generous dab of tacky glue will do the trick.

Favorite witch stories to go with these little gals:  Room on the Broom, by Julia Donaldson and Alice and Greta, by Steven J. Simmons, and the Little Witch series by Lieve Baeton.
I eagerly admit to being a BIG fan of Cyd Moore's artwork, which is how I found this great witchy series, Alice and Greta. Oh, the choices we have to make in life. Do good, do bad. Are you going to follow the dark side? This story follows two witches who make two different choices and introduces the "Brewmerang Principle," which is basically, you reap what you sow. Greta's Revenge, the sequel, is the must read follow up... yes, the good side wins in the end!
Room on the Broom is a happy tale for younger audiences.  A warm-hearted witch finds room for all her animal friends on her broom.  When the broom finally breaks and the witch is in danger, all her friends pull together for a brave rescue and a happy ending!

 The illustrations in Lieve Baeton's Little Witch series are so detailed and magical they will draw you right in for more and more re-reads... there is always something more to discover. The stories are sweet, simple, but fresh, too. For example, my boys really enjoyed one part where Little Witch needs to go to the bathroom but she is flying on her carpet (in Up and Away with the Little Witch)!  What one of us can't relate to that?

Witch Finger Puppet Pattern


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