Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Black Widow Spider Felt Finger Puppets

What would Halloween be without a few spooky spiders? Aw, the smile on these guys will surely help get a giggle out of whomever they tickle with their soft, yarn legs.

Creation Tips:  Use sparkly fabric paint to add 8 tiny eyes.  For 8 legs, cut 4 lengths of thick yarn that stretch across body to other side.  Glue lightly in middle of back piece to hold in place for sewing.

Add bits of red felt for abdomen stripes.

Black Widow Spider Finger Puppet Pattern

Our favorite spider story to go along with this puppet.. you just can't beat Diane Cronin's Diary of a Spider.  The vivid accounts of spider's daily life will not only have you laughing as you learn spider facts, but will have your kids empathizing with these much maligned invertebrates in no time!  

 Another fun story expressing the spider's perspective is Aaaarrgghh!  Spider!, by Lydia Monks.  A spider wants to become a family pet but despite her best attempts to show them how cool she is, it is soon apparent that no one in the family appreciates her.  So, the spider finally stays outside.  And that's when she captivates them! Her beautiful webs make everyone think twice about her!  You will think twice, two, because the page is sparkly with silver glitter webs... I am a sucker for touchy-feely books!  The display leads the family to decide she'd make a great pet afterall... until one day when she invites in some of her friends.... Aaaarrgghh, Spider!


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