Thursday, August 4, 2011

Triceratops/Dinosaur Finger Puppets

Roar! Use the template below for body pieces.  Cut horn shapes and white eye circles from small pieces of felt.  Use fabric paint to add nostrils, pupils, and a smile. Scallop/shape head as you like!
For a SUPER story to go with this dinosaur puppet, check out Elise Broach's When Dinosaurs Came with Everything.  This is a kid's dream come true, mood lifting story!  Real dinosaurs are given as treats as a boy goes through a day of errands... get a haircut, get a balloon, right? Not today, buddy! Get a Pterosaur instead! A triceratops at the bakery! A Stegasaurus after a doctor's visit! Meanwhile, you will relate to Mom who isn't taking this so well. She avoids the diner to miss getting a T. Rex but worries about taking care of her newly acquired herpetofauna. In the clever end, she ends up giving household jobs to all of the creatures. And they don't mind, because doing chores means they are part of the family. I LOVE that line! The watercolor/line drawing artwork is really fun, complementing the story and entertaining in the details. The style is easy to read and seamless with a child's perspective (complete with nagging! and it wasn't my fault!). You can't go wrong here!
Triceratops Finger Puppet Pattern


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