Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sweet-Gum Easter Chicks

Cheep, cheep!  Spring is here, spring is here! And so are seed pods are from "sweet gum" trees.  We turned them into Easter chicks that made colorful decorations for our Easter table. (I'm sure you could do this with pine cones or other seed pods, too.) 

Ahead of time, my preschooler and I collected and painted the seed pods bright yellow.  I cut orange pipe cleaners in half and twisted each into a three-toed foot and leg. If you are using pine cones, have the legs stick out to the side for a sitting chick.

Next, the kids poked the legs into the holes of the pods, balanced them, and glued them in...

Then we glued in feathers....

Lastly, we attached eyes and beaks using Crayola Model Magic. The kids used a sharpie to add pupils to the eyes. My favorite part of the project was seeing the kids' personalities shine through their art!

Happy Spring!

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  1. So cute, and spiny!! These are absolutely adorable.