Monday, March 1, 2010

Turkey Felt Finger Puppets

Gobble, gobble!  These guys are too cute to eat!  Make a batch for classroom fun, or for your thanksgiving party. They are fun over silverware at the kids table!  Pass them out to young students after story time to help them retell the story!  Put one on a craft stick and insert into a bouquet or seasonal wreath!

Tips: For feathers, bend a harvest striped ribbon into a U-shape and lightly glue in middle of back piece prior to sewing. Use bits of red felt for the waddle and yellow and black fabric paint for eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Turkey Felt Finger Puppet Pattern

A turkey story you won't want to miss is A Plump and Perky Turkey, by Teresa Bateman. This clever tale features a town that needs a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.  At Thanksgiving, however, there are no turkeys around!  Can the townsfolk trick the turkey by luring him into an art contest as a model?  They sure can! But that clever fellow stealthily disappears before dinner...


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