Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leprechaun's Treasure Map: St. Patrick's Day Tradition

Leprechuans made it to our house on Saint Patrick's Day (phew!), and left a note in our mailbox...

Leprechaun Letter

It didn't take long to find the map... or to find the treasure...

(A note from us wee folk:  This family decorates their house for St. Patrick's day instead of setting traps for us... so, we left them a treasure map in their mail box.  Some shamrocks and confetti on the ground/walls/trees/fences match the landmarks on the map.  At the X, the kiddos started digging with their sandbox shovels... (their goofy Mom follows them with a camera).  We painted up a wooden box (from Michaels).  The boxes are small... hold a handful of marbles, gold coins, glow in the dark gems, plastic jewels, or other sparkly treasure.  These kids have enough marbles after us visiting for so many years.... so this year we're putting in a small UV flashlight from ebay along with the coins... the bugs in Virginia are amazing... they'll see even more with the UV light... and us? We're outta here. Back underground, safe from the bugs, until next spring...will the family put decorations up again next year? Or will they try to trap us?)


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