Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hanging Froggy Tree Ornaments

You know it's spring when you here them a croakin' and a creekin'! Frog time!

We liked to decorate the otherwise barren tree in our front yard with the changing seasons. No problem for Christmas, even Halloween, but yard decorations aren't available for other seasons...

Yet, those branches look so bare!  How about a little craft foam to tide us over until the leaves come? You can make any shape your heart desires, and the foam is cheap and easy to cut! Even with tacky glue, the foam holds up well with the elements.  I made about 10 of each season's shape.

I always wondered if the tree ornaments were too much for the neighbors. However, when we moved, folks that lived on our street that we didn't even know stopped by to say they'd miss our decorations!

These days we no longer have a front yard tree to hang things on, but there's space for our between-Valentine's-and-Easter froggies on our front porch! See the template below for the frog design.


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